Youth Teams


$1500-$2000: based on gear and tournaments. Includes gear, fall/indoor/spring/summer practice or play, does not include travel expenses.


$975-$1250: based on tournaments and gear package. Includes gear, fall/indoor/spring/summer practice or play, does not include travel expenses.

High School Teams

$1800-$2300: based on team, final gear package, and tournaments.

Includes gear, fall/indoor/spring/summer practice or play, does not include travel expenses.

Club Dues and Team Fees includes the following expenses:

Practice Uniform
Shooting Shirts
Web Site Fees
Facility Rentals
Team Equipment
Coaches’ Stipends
Administrative Costs
College Recruiting Assistance *some clubs charge as much as $1400 extra for this service
Guest Clinicians
College Night Speakers

Payment Plans

All non-refundable club dues are paid up front when the team offer is accepted online - $750 (first payment). Once a player accepts a position for a Zingos team, they must commit to the full year fees even if a player decides to leave Zingos at any point during the year.

To pay in full, please pay full amount on TeamSnap site, or send a check made payable to Zingos Lacrosse and mail to:

Mike Senisi
10221 Little Brick House Court
Ellicott City, MD 21042

First payment of $750 will need to be submitted within 7 business days of offer email. The remaining balances will be broken into two future payments due on November 15, 2021 and March 15, 2022.

Returned Checks will be assessed $35 to your ZLC account.

All Credit Card Transactions will be assessed processing fees (2.8%).

Multi-player Family Discount

Discount to families with two or more players participating in Zingos Lacrosse Club.

Two or more children participating the family will receive a $75 discount off their respective Club Dues. Each additional child will receive the discount. The first child registered will not receive the discount.

Player Commitment

Zingos anticipates a very high demand for roster spots for the 2021-22 Season. As such, we are seeking players who are committed to playing lacrosse for the Zingos.

Players are expected to attend practices and tournaments during the fall, spring (youth levels), and summer months. (See Tournament Schedule for more details.)

We recognize many of our players will also play a fall sport such as football, soccer, cross country, etc. As such, we focus our fall schedule of activities and tournaments on Sundays to accommodate fall sporting events.

NOTE: Zingos youth teams participate in the Greater Howard Club Lacrosse Conference in Howard County in the spring of 2022. Accordingly, our youth teams (2026 and younger) will practice and play in the spring as well as fall and summer.

Although we are NOT mandating exclusivity to Zingos during the spring season for our youth-level teams as some clubs do, we are requiring players to make Zingos a PRIORITY if there is a conflict between Zingos and a player's associated spring league (e.g., AAYLA, MYLA, SMYLA, and the like) rather than replace them.

Historically 7th grade (2027) and younger games are on Sundays, and 8th grade (2026) games are on Saturdays during the spring.

We will have time off beginning the end of November and beginning late July for vacations. Additionally, fall is a time for other sports, but we do expect our players to be at Sunday practices and tournaments.

Although Zingos will never be as strict as some other club sports, we want players who are committed to their teams and the Club. Lacrosse is a TEAM sport. We understand there are family weddings, religious events, and other commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse to attend. So, these will be viewed as excused absences with prior notice to the coaches.

However, playing another club sport 80% of the time and coming to one Zingos event will not be allowed. This is unfair to the coaches and teammates. Additionally, players who are not committed to playing for Zingos will take up valuable roster spots from players who would love to be part of the team and part of the Zingos family.


10221 Little Brick House Crt
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042